Christmas Gifts: Smoke Detectors

How much do you usually spend on a Christmas gift for someone on your list?  With that amount, you could be instrumental in saving someone's life this Christmas.  Household fires are a leading cause of home accidents in the US, and someone is injured in a residential fire every 30 minutes.  OK, so smoke detectors are not a very snazzy or festive gift, but this may be exactly what someone on your list needs.  Here are a few ideas and approaches I thought up. 
  • Add an advanced smoke detector to someone's home.  Maybe a long-life battery detector (10 years), dual technology (photo-electric and ionization), path lighted alarm (to lead to exits), a tamper-proof model (you can't "borrow" the batteries), child awakening alarms (use programmed voice alerts) and carbon monoxide detectors (often combined with smoke alarms for increased safety).
  • All smoke detectors "expire" so to speak.  Replace all the smoke detectors and batteries in someone's older home. 
  • Add a mounted fire extinguisher to every level of a home. (Install near heating appliances and exits.)
  • Ask a local fire station to schedule a fun tour. Afterwards, give gifts of fire safety items along with a fireman action figures.  Maybe purchase a new alarm for each child's bedroom.
  • Purchase a decorative fireplace screen or hearth rug for a home with a fire place.
  • Or you could provide smoke detectors for an area resident who can't afford them in honor of someone you love. Your local fire department can tell you the best local organization to donate to.
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