Christmas Gifts: Water

Seriously?  I absolutely believe you can "dress water up" to become the perfect Christmas gift.  Our drinking water supply can be interrupted so easily that we must take precautions the assure our family stays healthy.  And while storing up water supplies is easy, giving it as a gift takes a little more thought.  I've included a few suggestions here, but let me know if you have other creative ideas.
  • Straight-forward approach - Give a case of 24 bottles of water (1/2 liter, 16 oz., or 20 oz.) with a bow around it.  This meets the minimum water rule of "a gallon per person per day for 72 hours."  You could also give a five gallon bottle (like the one at the office water cooler) and maybe a base to set it on.
  • Lighter-to-carry option - Give a gift card to their favorite store with instructions to buy the items you specify (which will certainly include bottled water with other emergency supplies.)
  • Out of the Box idea - Instead of giving water, give a water storage container.  Long term water storage is a critical and easy step in emergency preparedness, but a large family may need to store a huge quantity of water.  (I know there are six in my family.)  With the right container, you can store water yourself for pennies a gallon.  Buy someone on your list several water storage cubes or a water barrel.
  • High Tech selection - Buy a water purification system.  These can be found at outdoor and sporting goods stores or online.  You'll find a variety of features and differing levels of filtration, with basic units starting just under $100. Remember, these require new filters with continued use.
Remember that it really is the thought that counts here.  Let the gift recipient know what your gift is meant for and that you care enough to help them get started in preparing for emergencies.

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