... and then something surprised me!

They say you'll learn something new everyday if you're looking for it.  I stumbled on a new blog yesterday and poked around for a few minutes.  I was particularly interested in the unexpected graphic at the top of the page. The white cross on a green background was reminiscent of the Red Cross logo. (The Red Cross is actually a trademarked logo; it's theirs and a person needs permission to use it.) But this green cross of sorts was new to me.

Building Speed on the Information Superhighway

Everyday Providence has experienced a tremendous response since our launch in September 2010.  Thousands of readers in the US and across the world have found the information and resources they need to protect and prepare families, homes, and offices. Many radio listeners are introduced to simple preparedness ideas through our radio promotion.  Our Twitter and Facebook posts provide easy access to new articles and an interactive environment to learn, plan and share emergency preparedness ideas.