The Blog

Our lives are full. Our schedules are busy. Our expectations are high.

But life is not always balanced.

Everyday Providence is about sharing the simple successes (and failures) that we experience as we deliberately "expect the unexpected" in our homes. From that last minute guest to a fallen tree limb, we meet challenges every day. We face the pressure of a last minute project, an unexpected invitation, a change of plans or a disastrous turn of events. A little thoughtful planning may at best resolve the dilemma and at least soften the blow.

People don't plan to have a crisis. Some of us don't even plan to have a problem. So when difficulty hits home, we feel stuck. We need to effectively and efficiently plan to succeed. Of course, no one can predict the moment a problem will appear, so at Everyday Providence we'll focus on creating and preserving resources (money, time, food, household supplies) to be ready when that time of need arrives.

We hope that Everyday Providence fosters a supportive community and becomes an expert resource that helps you take a few easy steps toward preparing for situations that often take us by surprise. Each contributor has a vastly different point of view and priority emphasis. We hope those differences make for diverse and relevant information to help you.

We’ll also have guest posts, product reviews, recipes, the occasional giveaway and news to keep you up-to-date. We welcome your participation in this discussion. Let us know what you think, what you’ve experienced and what you’d like to see. Everyday Providence is all about making the most of where you are at the moment. We hope to provide the facts and the motivation to get you preparing for the best.

Welcome to Everyday Providence! We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.