Preparing for Troubled Times: Political Unrest and Civil Disorder

Egyptian Flag
As today marks the one year anniversary of the political revolution in Egypt, I am reminded that Everyday Providence has had little to say about political unrest and civil disorder.  I pray that you never come face to face with those harsh situations, but there are circumstances that move people to act.  The discussions surrounding man-made emergencies are more delicate and emotional.  A family that is not directly involved in unrest may still be affected by its impact on a community.

Fire Safety Is Always at the Top of the List

Stories and statistics support taking fire safety seriously, yet each year we continue to see victims of accidental house fires.  Home fires and injuries are so very common and so very preventable.  Make certain that your family and home are protected by following every one of these tested fire safety tips. Each of these tasks are cheap and easy.  

Oatmeal: Pantry Staple, Survival Food, or Decadent Indulgence?

Oatmeal by: Spencer Ritenour via Park Slope Lens
Did you know this is National Oatmeal Month?  Apparently more oatmeal is consumed in January than any other month.  And no wonder!  Oatmeal is versatile, so start your oatmeal to-do list with a warm bowl of hot cereal but don't stop there.  (It's ok if you don't actually have an oatmeal to do list.)  Oatmeal is cost effective, and we all need that after countless holiday splurges.  Oatmeal is whole grain, so we can get more mileage out of our New Year's resolution to get healthier. Oatmeal lowers your cholesterol and may reduce your risk of heat disease, no really!

Quick Starting a Disaster Preparedness Plan for Your Family

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You can take a few simple steps to be more prepared.  Really! It can be simple.  Most people don't give much thought at all to planning for emergencies.  They just do what everyone else does (like put jumper cables in the trunk and smoke detectors in their halls) and hope for the best.  Those ideas are a helpful, but you can easily do more.  Give it 10 minutes right now.  Grab a pencil and paper and let's get started.  (If you've already started a kit and a plan.  Great job!  Use this article to review, refresh and update your plan.)