The Authors

Carrie is an Emergency Management Strategist. Traveling often for training, she resides in a St. Louis suburb with her husband, four active children, a Jack Russell Terrier, a handsome gray cat, and a sassy guinea pig. Her career in small business and non-profit management, including technology, finance, and animal health, developed her desire to protect the individuals and small businesses that support our daily lives, our local economy, and our disaster recovery. She divides her time between Everyday Providence, local emergency management, and two national disaster response organizations. She loves creative cooking and primitive camping. Her focus is on hazard-specific emergency preparedness and animal safety. She's a proponent for drinking water safety and having cool gadgets that work.

Jennifer is a scientist who lives with her family in a beautiful old bungalow in the northern Midwest, where they battle the long, snowy winters and tenacious mosquito population. She previously weathered Missouri's hot summers, tornado sirens, and relentless brown recluses, as well as, Massachusetts' occasional Nor'Easter, frequent public transportation snafus and the meanest drivers on earth. She loves handbags, shoes, Thai food, beer and movie night. She is currently establishing a three-month supply of food and household goods. She's a proponent for diversified sourcing and safe food packaging.

Meredith is a communications specialist who lives and works in her newly-rehabbed historic Southern Midwestern house with her husband and dog. She enjoys Pilates, shopping, art and grilling - all with a glass of wine in hand. Her current focus is proper storage of a lovely wine collection and establishing a well-stocked gourmet pantry. She is a proponent for living the good life on a budget and cooking quick, healthy, and well-balanced meals.