Emergency Preparedness Month

Where did we get the idea that routines create tired old habits of the same old-same old thing? Good routines and habits can be instrumental in keeping things fresh! 

In our personal and professional lives, a thoughtful routine allows a framework from which we can build and flex in our daily lives. Habits create no brainer actions that leave us with spare 'thought energy' - decision making capacity.

Like jeans and a black t-shirt that can be easily dressed up with a scarf or dressed down with a hoodie based in the occasion, your emergency preparedness planning creates a framework that you can depend on no matter what level of  'disaster' you face.

As we kick off September as Emergency Preparedness Month, I am attending a conference, sharpening my pencils for Everyday Providence.  This conference is  part of my framework to prepare for another year of sharing, building, encouraging and writing to help you stay safe and sound this year. 

What habits and routines can you put in place this month to start building your family's preparedness framework? 

Start a shelf-stable pantry
Build your disaster kit
Store up a water supply
Write down your emergency plan
Begin planning for a disaster at work
Take a training class
Volunteer to help in a time of need