Building Speed on the Information Superhighway

Everyday Providence has experienced a tremendous response since our launch in September 2010.  Thousands of readers in the US and across the world have found the information and resources they need to protect and prepare families, homes, and offices. Many radio listeners are introduced to simple preparedness ideas through our radio promotion.  Our Twitter and Facebook posts provide easy access to new articles and an interactive environment to learn, plan and share emergency preparedness ideas.

In the coming weeks we'll be launching a newsletter!  We'll put the articles, tips and information you need right in your email inbox!  Along with this exciting addition to Everyday Providence, we'll be giving the webpage a face-lift to help you easily find the information you need.  And we hope to begin scheduling live seminars to encourage preparedness for you and your neighbors! However we can, we want to get the word out that you can take simple steps to protect and prepare for bumps in the road.

Thank you for your attention and support of Everyday Providence, and thanks for reading.  As we travel on down this road of growth and change, we'll keep listening, learning and sharing. And maybe we'll stop where you live for a piece of pie and a local lesson we all need to hear.

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