Christmas Gifts: The Best Gift Ever

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I've invited my friend, Judy, to contribute today's blog celebrating Christmas Day.  Judy makes me laugh, cry and grow every week on her blog "Out of Control." I hope you enjoy.
The Best Gift Ever
Gifts are a big part of Christmas and, I will have to say, one that I enjoy very much.  I love receiving gifts not knowing what is inside.  The excitement and anticipation build to the point that I have been known to shake a few presents under the tree well before Christmas morning.  As much as I love to receive gifts, I think I enjoy giving gifts even more.  I have been known to go on searches that border on insanity for the perfect gift.  I have stood in early morning lines, I have done doctoral level research to find where a certain gift can be purchased and I have risked life and limb on Black Friday to fulfill the wish of someone I love.  There is just something about being able to give someone a gift that will light up their eyes and bring a smile to their face that I just cannot resist. 

I hope that somewhere in all your preparations you have managed to find time to think about a gift for Jesus.  Christmas is a day set aside to celebrate His birth.  How would you feel if for a month you watched those you love make all kinds of preparations getting ready for your birthday with lights and beautiful decorations all through the house, all kinds of goodies being made, and packages of all shapes and sizes wrapped in beautiful paper with ribbons tied around each one.  Finally the day arrives and you rush downstairs, everyone is laughing and exchanging gifts, but there is nothing for you.  I can only imagine how Jesus must feel when once again there is no room for Him on His own birthday. 

But don’t be alarmed.  There is no need to panic and go on a high-speed google search for something the King of Kings might want.  No in-depth research is needed to come up with the perfect gift and there is no need to go on a death defying shopping trip to Best Buy looking for something to put a smile on the face of Jesus.  Nope - I have the perfect gift idea.  You!  You are the gift that Jesus is dreaming about finding under the tree on Christmas.  You are all He wants for His birthday.   So this Christmas join with me and greet Jesus with these words “Happy Birthday Jesus I am ALL yours,” and watch His eyes light up and a smile spread all the way across His face.  This is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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