Christmas Gifts: Flashlight and Batteries

The beauty of flashlights is that someone is always asking for one.  It's an easy gift, and with so many ultra-modern tweaks on the old-fashioned flashlight, you are sure to be able to suit everyone on your list.
  • Children love flashlights!  And many companies are making child safe versions (unbreakable, locked battery compartments).
  • For the office gift exchange, buy a flashlight someone could leave in their desk or use on the job.
  • Rechargable flashlights that rest in an electrical outlet and light up when the power goes out are a great idea for safety during power outages.
  • Anyone might appreciate a tiny, but mighty, LED flashlight to keep close at hand.
  • Know someone handy? Flexible clip lights shine a spotlight on the job, wherever it may be.
  • Who doesn't need a flashlight in their bedroom for a unexpected bump in the night.
  • Key ring flashlights are fun for everyone, especially new drivers.
  • Emergency crank or solar flashlights are great for everyone.  Make sure to tell them how to start an emergency kit at home.  Does it charge their cell phone too?  Even better!
  • Don't forget that a lantern can be a great tool during a power outage or night time outing.
  • Clip-on cap lights are perfect for fishing, farming, camping, and a million other uses.
  • Headlamps aim the light right where you want it for detail work, like tying flies, or using two hands to get a job done, like car repairs.
  • Tactical flashlights will impress someone who has it all. Beware! The price tag can run from $50 to $200.
  • And if someone on your list has a specialized hobby or career, there are are countless varieties of flashlights for specialty uses, such as diving or gas leak inspection.
Consider the recipient's use and needs for this flashlight.  Many packages include the brightness (in lumens) and battery life (in hours.) Some flashlights are impact or water resistant. And a flashlight may eventually need bulbs and batteries to be replaced.  Check availability and cost of replacement bulbs and batteries. 

Give them two sets of batteries with your gift, stored out of the flashlight, and include a card that says why they should keep it this way. (Batteries stored in a flashlight use a tiny charge and will eventually wear out, possibly leaking and ruining the device.  Two sets to ensure you save a fully charged set for emergencies.)

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