Christmas Gifts: Stadium Blanket

A fleece blanket is a must-have item for a car emergency kit.  How much more fun when it shows off a favorite color, team or design? It is an easy item to purchase for all ages, and these are super easy to make yourself (even if you're not crafty) for that personal touch.  They'll use it again and again.

Here's how we have used a blanket from the trunk of our car:
  • As ground cover for an impromptu picnic in the park
  • To bundle up when the driver wants the A/C a little too cool
  • When you didn't expect that downpour (even if you should have)
  • For upholstery protection when you have to eat tacos in the car
  • When the denim jacket you brought isn't cutting it
  • To cover up packages in the back seat
  • Anytime things go wrong and you need to stay warm
How would you use a blanket in your car? Let me know! 

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