Twenty-Five Days of Christmas (Preparedness) Traditions

It may not seem like a preparedness kind of thing, but preserving family traditions is important! When we back up our computers, put old photos in a safety deposit box, or keep Grandma’s old letters, we’re preserving little pieces of our family memories and traditions.

Here are 25 ideas to create family memories of Christmas. And who knows? Maybe one will become your family tradition:

  • Read the Bible Christmas Story in the book of Luke, Chapter 2
  • Read Clement C. Moore’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Write a Letter to Santa
  • Make a Christmas Card or two with construction paper, glue and glitter
  • Cut a Snowflake
  • Tell (or write down) your Favorite Christmas Memory
  • Make mulled cider or hot chocolate from scratch
  • Bake sugar cookies and decorate with colored icing and sprinkles
  • Watch Cheesy Christmas Movies
  • Hang the Mistletoe and Hug or Kiss everyone who lives in your house
  • Wear a Santa Hat for an entire day
  • Turn off all the lights and watch it snow
  • Wrap all your gifts in the same paper and ribbons
  • Go caroling (even if it's to just one house)
  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru
  • Buy an over-the-top festive scarf or tie (or sweater)
  • Drive around at night looking for houses lit up with Christmas lights
  • Research and recreate regional, historical, or family traditions
  • Eat a candy cane (or two)
  • Hang an apple, pickle or pepper on your tree
  • Make ice lanterns along your sidewalk
  • Leave Santa something your family enjoys
  • Use too much whipped cream on a piece of pie
  • Take an older neighbor a treat and listen to their Christmas stories
  • Burn a "yule log" (even if it's a pile of sticks in a fire pit out in the yard)
    Take time this Holiday Season to take stock of your life and find out what’s important.

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