10 Last-Minute Gifts to Keep On Hand for the Holidays

Keep these items in mind while you're doing your holiday shopping. Even better, buy these after the holidays on sale and save them for next year:

1.) Holiday-themed Recipe Cards – everyone has a special holiday recipe that needs a special holiday card.

2.) Winter-themed kitchen towel set – even bachelors need kitchen towels.

3.) Candle – part mood enhancer, part emergency supply.

4.) Bottle of Wine – a classic gift that never gets old, add a bag of mulling spices for an extra touch.

5.) Candies, Nuts, and Chocolates – they’ll appreciate this for impromptu entertaining themselves.

6.) Local Food – jar of preserves from the farmer’s market, bottle of honey from the co-op, they’ll appreciate something they can’t buy at their own supermarket.
7.) Local Crafts – the unique apron, one-of-a-kind spoon rest, extra points if it came from a fundraiser!

8.) Re-usable – the popular ceramic “paper” cup or a commuter coffee mug - pair it with a cute, reusable grocery bag for a green gift.

9.) Gadgets – Find a neat, inexpensive item that makes your life easier? Lock de-icer keychain, LED mini-flashlight, USB toaster; buy an extra for a gift.

10.) Cold Weather Accessories – Everyone can use an extra pair of gloves, a hat, a scarf, and an ice scraper.

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