Functional Friday: When Preparation Has It's Day

The snow has fallen gently all day.  As dusk creeps quietly through the town, my family begins to anticipate the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Christmas.  The tree is up.  The gifts are wrapped.  The feast is prepared.  The lighted angel is placed in the window.  In a few hours we'll go to the candlelight service at church.  Then we'll come home and go to bed. And tomorrow, weeks (if not months) of preparation and anticipation will play out as it will. 

Each of us works, plays, and lives in little spheres of influence throughout our days.  Our friends, families, co-workers, even the people we pass on the street, see us and they are watching.  In times of celebration and times of desperation, people see us.  We live each day in preparation for these moments, ready to offer a glimpse of hope for a better day.

Hope is what Christmas is all about.  Hope for a better tomorrow.  Hope for a better life.  Hope for a better world.  Hope for a better you and me.  Hope for family, friends and neighbors.  That's what this blog is about as well:  Hope that together we can plan for the best.  Merry Christmas!

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