Gift Giving with Preparedness in Mind

A popular concept within the Church of Latter Day Saints is having a “Food Storage Christmas”. Families will take the money that they might have spent on a new TV or diamond earrings and instead invest it in their family’s preparedness.

If you exchange gifts with extended family, you can give gifts that promote preparedness without giving a year’s supply of freeze dried lima beans. Here are some examples:

Fancy Olive Oils are all the rage these days. Buy freshly harvested, in a green bottle to keep out harmful light. It will last over a year, and up to 2 years if stored properly. Olive oils have a lot of healthful and beneficial fats, and one infused with an herb (such as rosemary) is something a little nicer than usual.

Dried fruits have so many uses. My favorite is baked in a pastry puff with brie. It makes an indulgent appetizer. Try adding it to a beef roast in the crock pot. The sweet addition to the meat, makes for a complex flavor. Dried fruits have a long shelf-life if stored properly. They are a good source of nutrition and even the little ones will eat them.

Shelf stable smoked salmon is a fantastic source of protein and heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Served up with a little bit of cream cheese on a cracker, this too makes for a great appetizer.

A fancy whole bean coffee or a tin of exotic tea would be appreciated by the most discriminating recipient. 

Maybe you can spread a little holiday spirit with someone's favorite bottled beverage.

For the gadget-minded, a new LED keychain flashlight is energy efficient and just plain cool.

Multi-tools are shrinking smaller and smaller, so that they too are keychain size. Some even have a little flashlight on them.

Who couldn't use an extra pair of gloves, a hat, and scarf to throw in their car?

Skip the gift-wrap this year and give gifts in a reusable grocery bag. Heartier than the plastic ones from the grocery store, everyone can use one of these.

You'll experience the joy of the season, giving gifts with a purpose.

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