Functional Friday: Holiday Safety Tips - Decorating

Take a quick look around you house for any possible holiday decorating hazards. Ten minutes (or so) to seriously check out your home safety could save you a boatload of stress and heart-ache this season.

  • Keep live trees well watered. Choose safe (unbreakable) ornaments in households with children and others liable to bump the tree. Make certain the tree is quite stable before loading it up with ornaments.
  • Electrical safety saves lives. Don't use frayed cords, don't overload outlets, and unplug and turn off lights when you aren't home or are sleeping. Replace old lights with safer (and more energy efficient) strands. And follow these tips for using extension cords.
  • Children don't always understand the purpose of holiday decorations. And other homes may not be as childproof as your own. Check out this article to help prepare for this holiday season.  

  • Pets are naturally curious. As you add many new plants (like a tree a bird used to live in), sparkly gifts with ribbons and bows, tree decorations that look like dog and cat toys, and treats and delicious candy to your household, remember that many of these things can cause serious injury to your pets. Click here for more ideas on keeping your pets safe.

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