Practice an Evening without Electricity

Have you thought about what would happen if you lost power for an extended period of time? Here’s an idea for you: spend an enjoyable evening without electricity. No TV, no internet, no lights, no microwave popcorn, no electric can opener. Not only is this a chance to spend time with your family by candlelight, it’s also a chance to identify what you would need if it really happened to you.

Could you prepare and eat a meal?
Could you access your garage?
Do you have a flashlight handy?
What about a lantern?
Extra batteries?
Do you have enough candles?
What if the furnace was off, too?
Do you have enough blankets?
Can you make a phone call?
Charge your cell phone?

After you’ve (hopefully) laughed at each time you mindlessly flipped the light switch, sit down with your family and talk to them. Use the opportunity to discuss the season, read a book aloud, or play a game. Don’t wait for the power to go out to enjoy your family.  And when the real thing happens, you (and the kids) will feel a bit more confident that you can handle this.

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