A word about waiting for the power to come back on (especially in the summer)

When the power goes out, there are a few things you need to do (or not to do.)

1) Turn off your air conditioner.  (Turn it to "Off" at the thermostat.) When the power comes back on and everyone's AC pops on at the same time, you just may throw it off again.

2) If you're using a generator... Make certain you leave it outdoors.  Understand the wattage of the generator and the items you're plugging into it.  And DO NOT connect it to your whole house (via the dryer plug or any other method), pay an electrician to do it correctly.  (When linemen repair lines, they need those lines to be electricity free!  When you rig a generator improperly to power your whole house, you're sending excess power out on the line - making it live!)

3) Unplug and turn off as much as possible in your home or business.  This prevents power drain on the circuit when it's restored and reduces the chance of damaging your appliances with a power surge.

4) Leave your porch light switch ON.  Then power crews, neighbors, or emergency workers can identify homes and neighborhood with restored power in the middle of the night or when you're not home.  I leave mine on 24/7 during a storm or other emergency.

5) Do not open your refrigerator or freezer even one time unless you are ready to take all the food out.  The insulation in appliances can hold the cool for a long time, but opening the door even once greatly shortens the time your food will stay cold.

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