Current Event: Prayers for the City of Joplin, Missouri

Devastation at St. John's Regional Medical
Center in Joplin, Missouri on 05/22/2011.

Yesterday afternoon, a massive tornado devastated the city of Joplin, Missouri.  (Story here, pics here.) Situated near the border of Oklahoma and Kansas, Joplin is nearly as far from St. Louis as one can get, but our hearts are right there with her people.  Hundreds of local first responders and disaster response teams leapt into action yesterday as shelter, medical care, food, and other needs were met for thousands of residents who's homes and hospital were destroyed.  Already labeled the deadliest single US tornado since the 1953 twister in Worchester, Massachusetts, this storm arrived swiftly and will likely be classified as an F4.  Fortunately there was sufficient time to activate the warning siren, and many residents were able to seek shelter. However, the death toll will likely exceed 100 lost from this devastating event.  Join me in praying, giving, and helping the residents, friends and family, first responders, and all those impacted and assisting in this time of trouble.

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