Preparing for the Best

The biggest problem about knowing what to do? Applying that knowledge!  Oh sure, we have go-bags, shelter-in-place kits, a PACE for most everything at our house.  I have copied our birth certificates, trained my kids on what to do, and written a family emergency plan.  But there are harder things that seem to slip by. We're busy, right?  I have four kids, a house, a blog, out of town training, community involvement, and a lawn to mow (tis' the season.)  And we're ahead of most people, right? Yet, one there's (very difficult) topic that keeps popping into my view.  The next preparation keeps blinking on my radar, and I am committed to tackling it.  Fitness!

Our family is relatively healthy.  My husband and I are feeling new aches and pains as we approach the next mile marker, but we're managing well.  Neither of us takes any serious medications, and we do enjoy a mildly active lifestyle.  However, we are far from "fit."  And that fact continues to be reinforced in every aspect of life.  I am reminded by books, lifestyle magazines, preparedness training, a friend's blog, a brochure from our health insurance company, a visit to the doctor's office, an email from the gym... fitness is an asset that cannot be bought and stored away in a bin in the closet, yet in a crisis it could easily save someone from injury.

I am committed to getting fit this summer.  For me, this includes more cardio, losing weight, and building some upper body strength.  And it starts today!  I already plugged my favorite cardio and yoga classes into my iPhone calendar.  I started back at Tae Kwon Do classes on Friday.  We already know how to eat well at our house (lots of whole grains, fruits and veggies, lean proteins). Although we snack and indulge too often; I firmly believe that healthy eating includes real foods (like pasta, steak, and cinnamon rolls). We have already cut soda out of our diets, but even that is difficult when you're living a hectic life with four kids.  My kids are already very fit, and I want to teach them how to stay that way.  They are in sports, dance and gymnastics.  I hope to show them that fitness and healthy living can continue into their adult life.  I want to be able to keep up with grandkids when I'm 60.

So I'm beginning a journey today. I'll gather and share tips as I go along.  If you'd like to join me, let me know.

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