Summer Car Kit

Last week-end we got two more days of snow. Yuck! Next week-end I'm camping (with no tents) and the forecast is for highs in the 70s! Yay! As I'm thinking about rotating out my winter car needs and cycling in summer items I've discovered many of these items serve multiple seasons. I've jotted down a few items that stay year round, any other ideas?

  • One Hoodie for everyone: Winter - cold weather survival, Summer - chilly evening activities
  • Plates, Cups, and plastic ware: Makes for a great "instant picnic" (you provide the food) any season.
  • Blankets: Winter - important heat preservation, Summer - picnic blanket, star gazing
  • Ponchos and emergency blankets: Staying dry and warm in any emergency is always critical!
  • Snacks and water bottles: Winter - Extreme cold weather is dehydrating, Summer - Extreme hot weather is dehydrating.  (Don't store snacks that melt in the summer.)
  • Sunscreen: Hot or cold weather, the sun's rays can burn.  Wear sunscreen when you're exposed.
  • Bug repellent: Winter - OK, you won't need this in the north.  Summer - This is critical nationwide for your comfort and safety.
  • Flashlight and batteries: Dark is dark in any season.  You need a flashlight and extra batteries in the car.
  • Pocketknife: Or better yet a super tool!  Winter - Cutting the ropes of the fir tree you brought home, Summer - Whittling a point on a weenie roasting stick.
  • Paper towels and several trash bags: My daughter "got sick" on the way to grandpa's house.  Thank God we had these in the car.  Enough said.
  • Portable Radio and Batteries: Whether your listening for weather reports or great tunes, you need a radio that won't wear down your car's battery, leaving you stranded.
  • First Aid Kit: A scrape or a headache are promptly dealt with if your car contains a well stocked kit.
  • Hats and Gloves: Winter - Stocking cap and knit gloves, Summer - Ball cap or bucket hat and gardening or work gloves fit the bill.
  • A Little Cash: Winter - To pay the guy who pulled you out of the snow drift,  Summer - To pay the guy who gave you enough gas to get to the next station.
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