Avoiding the (Practically) Unavoidable - BPA

After reading Jennifer's post about food safety and BPA, I started looking around and paying attention to this issue.  And what I've found is amazing.  BPA is absolutely everywhere.

A trip to Whole Foods yielded the three tomato items pictured, but they are only potentially in BPA free packaging.  (I have found none but pasta sauce elsewhere.)  I was not able to find  confirmation of BPA testing for any of these products.  Despite BPA free packaging and labeling, many food products still contain measurable amounts of BPA, perhaps from being stored, shipped, and processed in containers that may contain BPA. 

I've also learned that the "BPA free" labeling on many products only includes the raw materials.  These items may contain BPA that leached into the product from the manufacturing equipment that did contain BPA.

And if you mother told you once, she told you a thousand times, "Wash your hands before you eat."  Here's one more reason why.  Those quick and convenient thermal receipts are often coated in BPA.  BPA has been proven to absorb through the skin, but handling a receipt and eating would significantly increase exposure.

Good news from SC Johnson!  Ziplock bags and plastic containers do not contain BPA, according to their website.

I've begun avoiding canned goods altogether, which is a huge jump from where I started.  As I originally collected a pantry full of "inventory," a good portion of that was canned goods.  I've begun looking for tetra-pak and pouched foods.  I've also purchased a lot more frozen foods, especially vegetables.  And I'm buying everything I can in glass.  (Although most lids still contain BPA, it's obviously less area and in less contact.)

According to the Environmental Working Group, plastics #1, #2, and #4 are BPA free.  I'm checking the package before I buy products now.

I also just invested in more glass storage-ware.  And I'm looking at purchasing some canning jars for food storage, as well.  (Although those lids also contain BPA.)

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