Functional Friday: Preparedness Project - 90 day Storage

A four day blizzard, a food safety recall, a loss of income... Any of these items might leave you unable (at least temporarily) unable to purchase food and day to day items.  Planning for the best counts on those inevitably dark times coming round.  Financial guru Dave Ramsey says that when Murphy comes knocking at the door and sees that you are prepared, he goes on to the next house.  Not worried about that deadly pandemic?  That’s ok, there are other advantages – no last minute runs to the grocery store, buying items on sale saves money in the long run, and meal planning becomes a little easier.   (Monday's and Wednesday's related posts.)

But before you run to Costco and max out your credit card, start by thinking and making a list. This week's projects is free, easy, and meant to get you started.

Week-end Preparedness Project
Pick one (or pick them all)

1 bee


1 bee
 ☐  Grab a pen and paper
 ☐  Make a short list of a few places you could consider storing some canned good and household supplies.
 ☐  Now make a list of your family's seven (or more) favorite "from a box or can" meals.  (It doesn't have to be what you eat every day, just often enough that you'll be able to rotate through it.
 ☐  Divide that menu into a list of ingredients to buy for one week.
 ☐  Add some snacks (cookies/crackers) and drinks for a regular week to the list.
 ☐  Your final list is household items that you buy and use regularly. (Toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, toothpaste.)
 ☐  Keep these lists close at hand and add items as you think of them over the next few weeks.
 ☐  Feel free to purchase and store some of these items, but we'll be sharing more about how to do this soon.  For now... you've got your brain thinking about this project.

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