(Early) Functional Friday: Preparedness Project - Give Thanks!

The official origins of Thanksgiving are often disputed - was it really in Plymouth, Massachusetts? Before that back in England? And the traditions have almost certainly changed. Why turkey? I highly doubt our ancestors had cranberry-orange relish or hash brown casserole. But, the same theme remains – a thankful heart and a grateful spirit for whatever blessings that we might have: health, home, family, medical care, food, safety, excess or even “just enough”.

This week’s preparedness project is to spend time with those whom we value: family, friends, a neighbor, the needy. Do a good deed, say a kind word, make someone feel wanted and appreciated and valued.

No amount of food or water stored, degree of financial stability, number of first aid kits are as valuable as the people in our lives.

And for that we are truly Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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