Functional Friday: Preparedness Project - Make a List

I love camping!  I know many of you have less enthusiasm about it.  I always encourage my non-camping friends to come out camping with me because, of course, I think I do it well.  But I believe there are a few keys to my camping success.

1) Great weather - I certainly can't control this, but when the weather goes wrong, I know when to pack it in and go home (or at least to go shopping).
2) Great Accommodations- A good tent and sleeping bag will go a long way toward a comfortable stay and a good night's sleep.  A warm fire doesn't hurt either.
3) Great Location - Picking the right spot in personal and requires some experience.  When will the sun hit your tent? Where will the rain water run through?  Is there a level spot for the tent?
4) Great Gear - If your matches, hot dog fork, or flashlight don't work when you need them, I assure you that frustration will set in.
5) THE LIST - This is the clincher.  I have this organized and formatted camping list that I edit and print every time we go out.

Each trip I edit THE LIST, which includes anything that I might routinely include on a typical trip.  After I print a copy, in preparation for a trip, I mark through any items I don't plan to take.  I make notes for extra items I might add.  And I assemble our camping supplies.  Using my tried and true list, I know that I won't forget critical fun saving, headache saving, or life saving items.  Mark them off the list and put them in the car.  When I return home, I make any permanent changes and save THE LIST for the next trip.

At Everyday Providence, we want to help you get prepared.  If you are reading these posts, you already have some degree of interest in "preparing for the best" in your life.  Get a notebook and get started.  (THE LIST that I take camping started as a page in a notebook with checks and scratches and notes in the margin.) I have learned that much of preparedness takes place in the thinking and planning stage anyway.  Once you start thinking about what you want to do you won't be able to help getting started.  If it is all you do this year, start your lists.  Think things through.  Make a plan.  We'll help you know how to complete those plans as we go along.

Week-end Preparedness Project
Time:1 bee

1 bee

 ☐  Grab a notebook and a pen/pencil.  (You can scratch this onto the back of used envelopes or
      type it into a spreadsheet, if you like.)
 ☐  Make a list of supplies, projects, or ideas you would like to complete for you own 
 ☐  Add to your list as you go.
 ☐  Organize your lists as they grow.
 ☐  Divide your lists by location or topic.
 ☐  Mark items that you have, items that you want, items that you need.
 ☐  Put the list where you can find it when you think of an idea to write down or when you have a 
      moment to implement an idea.

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