Functional Friday: Preparedness Project - Daylight Savings Time Checks

Have you started some emergency preparations? A stash of extra food and water? An emergency evacuation bag? An extra $20 in your glove compartment? First, give yourself a pat on the back. Then, mark your calendar for November 7th. That's the day, this year, when Daylight Savings Time ends.

It’s a great time to review the preparations that you’ve already made and make any seasonal updates.

- Inspect First Aid Kits for expiration dates, ensure that nothing has spilled and compromised that box of bandaids.
- Review your Emergency Food for expiration dates. (Plan to eat or consider donating any items that are approaching their expiration.)
- Review your Evacuation Bag emergency food. While you’re unpacking everything, inventory it. Write down the item description, expiration, calories, protein and fat. (Next time, you can just pull out the list and buy appropriate replacement items before you unpack anything.)
- Review your emergency water supply and replace expired water.
- Replace your home’s smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector batteries. Test them while you’re at it. This time of year is when most people start turning on their heat, electric blankets, fireplaces, etc.
- Have your furnace and fireplace inspected for any hazards.
- Switch out clothing in your emergency bags to ensure you have cold weather clothes and accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, chemical hand warmers).
- Perform garden winterizing.
- Switch out any storm windows from screens to glass. You’ll be glad your house is retaining as much heat as possible in the event of a winter storm power outage.
- Make sure you have rock salt, a good shovel, and ice scrapers.
- Make sure your snow blower (or snow shovel) is in good condition and gassed up.
- Get ready to enjoy the season knowing that you’re prepared.
- And don’t forget to reset your clocks!

Week-end Preparedness Project

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 ☐  First Aid Kit check.
 ☐  Check dates and rotate emergency food (home, work, evacuation bag).
 ☐  Check stored water supply.
 ☐  Replace smoke and CO detector batteries.
 ☐  Clean, check, inspect furnace and vents.
 ☐  Check cold weather gear in car.
 ☐  Home and garden winterizing.
 ☐  Check snow and ice removal equipment.
 ☐  Set your clock back an hour on November 7.

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    1. So I started this project with the smoke detectors and guess what I found? One of them DIDN'T HAVE A BATTERY! I can't imagine how that happened, but... It has one now!