Bread in a Can

I'll admit it, I'm obsessed.  Every time I go shopping I'm always looking for new items to store in my pantry that will serve me in a pinch or a disaster.  I found a fun one this week.  (I know, I'm weird!)  

Brown Bread IN A CAN!  This product originates from colonial New England where they made this whole grain (wheat, rye, and corn) and molasses rich bread.  The bread was traditionally steamed in a mold (can) in a kettle in the fireplace. Colonial cooks could not bake bread since most settlers didn't have an oven in their home.  The sweet bread often contained raisins, since dried fruit would be available year round. (I bought my bread without, though.)

Serve this with some baked beans (My kids love baked beans!) and you have an authentic New England meal whether you're revisiting 1776 or enjoying a 2010 tradition.  The beauty of this meal is that you can make steamed brown bread and Boston baked beans from scratch for a delicious, healthy meal.  Or you can eat in minutes (or in an emergency) with these shelf-stable products.

Do you have ideas for interesting shelf stable meals?

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