Don't assume "they" have got it covered!

 Photo: Jeremiah Beck
When other people know that you enjoy something, it's so easy to share that thing with you.  A short list of words (bacon, wine, pirates, beer, science, pumpkins, and penguins) creates an instant picture in my mind of the faces of family and friends that go with each of those items.  I am the disaster/safety/weather person in my social circles.  So, a friend sent me this photo that they took of a fire escape.

Would you want to depend on this fire escape to save your life?  In a hurry, who knows what might happen when you hit those rickety rusted-through steps.

I love this real life reminder that we are each responsible for our own safety and for our own provision and for our neighbor's safety as well.  Sure, there are building codes, safety laws, and security personnel, and they are there to protect us.  But it only takes a few minutes to assess your own situation, to walk through a couple of safety routines, and to address any problems you discover.

Know your risks and likely hazards.  Know how to stay safe wherever you are.  And make sure you do your part, in case someone else hasn't done theirs.

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