National Preparedness Month - Day 1

Today marks the beginning of National Preparedness Month. In remembering the events of September 11th, America has emphasized this month since 2004 as a time to prepare for disasters like terrorist attacks, storm effects and earthquakes. Each day this month we'll highlight a preparedness gadget, tip, or concept that you can add to your family's disaster kit or emergency plan.

After a storm or earthquake, the utility lines to your home may be affected. When utility lines are disrupted inside your home, further damage and danger may occur. Gas leaks may cause explosions or poisoning. Leaking water pipes can cause property damage, personal injury, or electrical incidents. A 4 in 1 emergency tool is designed to easily turn off the gas and water lines to your home. This lightweight tool is also rust proof, spark proof, and designed to pry open doors and move debris.

Although a 4 in 1 emergency tool is a fairly specialized item, you can order one online for less than $20 from retailers like or disaster preparedness suppliers. This tool is often included in kits used when you join a local volunteer disaster response team (like CERT), so your local fire, police, or emergency services department may be able to help track one down, as well.

I'm sure by now that some of you are already saying, "I'll just use a wrench to turn of my utilities." And that's great! If you always keep the necessary tools in your disaster kit and train everyone in your home to use them. But for the convenience, especially if you live in earthquake or tornado prone areas or use natural gas in your home, a 4 in 1 emergency tool is an excellent resource in your disaster kit.

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