Day 6 - Stored Water is Critical

If you've been following Everyday Providence for long you've heard us emphasize water storage. During a disaster, municipal water sources can be damaged, contaminated, or simply inoperable. Yet, in a disaster situation you need clean water all the more for drinking and sanitation.

You need to store at least a gallon of water for each day's use per person in your home. Three days of reserves is the minimum, but seven to ten days of utility loss is certainly possible. That's a lot of water, so storage in your home becomes a concern.

We recommend that you start by storing at least one case of bottled water for each person in your home. Plastic bottles do have a limited shelf life and need to be rotated. If you buy new cases and add them to your supply, while using the oldest case first, you are set!

You can also prepare and store your own water at home. Prepared and stored in a large food safe container, today's tap water can become tomorrow's emergency supply... if you store it now! (For safety, follow qualified instructions to store your own water.)

My favorite take-away from the conference that I'm attending has been canned water! It has a 30 year shelf life, so you can buy it once and forget it. It is stackable, so it will not crush and collapse when stacked up high! And it's stored in smaller 24 ounce containers, so you can share and carry water if needed.

However you decide to do it, you need to stash some water with your disaster kit now!

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