You don't have to go to school to learn these lessons!

As I plotted and planned with my "work group" on how we were going to save the world, I was shocked by a side-conversation with a classmate who is a local Emergency Manager. In his community, he had recently offered "FREE" disaster preparedness classes.  No one came.  For weeks he sat in his meeting room on Friday night and waited and waited and no one ever came.  He felt helpless, hopeless, and discouraged.  "People just don't care about preparing for disasters," he complained.

I disagree!

You want to be ready.  You want to be taken care of.  You want to be safe.  You want to return to normal.  You don't want to be afraid.  You don't want to hurt.  You don't want to feel helpless.  Right?  Me, too!  And I bet you know that preparing is important and that a good disaster kit will keep your family safe and healthy.  You can see that a flashlight and a first aid kit will work wonders when the world goes dark and that a bar of chocolate, a pack of gum, and a coloring book with colored pencils can keep a child (and many adults) content for hours. But in the face of all that knowledge, have you started preparing?

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