Smart Phones, Smart Users?

Americans have tipped the scales.  Surveys now indicate that the number of smart phones being used exceeds that of traditional cell phone styles. 

So what?

As smart phones become integrated into our everyday lives, we need to be aware of how we can (and already do) depend on this technology.

Here are a few tips to get you started...
  • Memorize your most important emergency numbers. (I realized this week that I don't know my sister's phone numbers.)  In an emergency you may end up using someone else's phone.  I doubt if they have your mom's work number or your kids' daycare center programmed into their contacts!
  • Save lots of (relevant) numbers in your phone's contacts.  If you can't get home or have to evacuate, you may still need to take care of business.  Save phone numbers and account numbers for your home and auto insurance, utility companies, banking centers, and other business needs.
  • Download apps that might be helpful now!  In a disaster, if you have internet access at all, everyone will be using it.  Your connection speed will be snail-like, if the signal is even constant enough to download anything.
  • Try out the apps you might use in airplane mode.  Whether you need to access a map or learn how to start a fire, some apps require an internet connection to function.  Others don't. 
  • Smart phones gobble up battery life fast.  I NEVER make it all day one one charge.  Have more than one way to charge your phone, especially when the power is out or when you're caught away from an outlet (during your commute).
  • Know how to text. And if you use Twitter or Facebook, know how to text or email your tweet or status.  Text and email systems may use different communication pathways and less bandwidth to send and resend messages as needed. So you may be able to let your followers and friends know that things are OK that way.

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