Drought + Wildfire + Heavy Rains = A Mess!

As some Colorado residents return home to sift through the remains of possessions recently consumed by wildfire, a second wave of disaster has swept though as thunderstorms douse the parched ground only days too late.  But with all of the landscape decimated by fire, the deluge flows unchecked across the land creating rivers of mud filling basements, sweeping away roadways, and burying the last remnants of the fire swept neighborhoods.

What can we learn from this?  We can't stop wildfires, thunderstorms, flash floods and mud-slides, right?
  • Disasters often cascade -- One event may create other problems that lead to additional emergencies. (A power outage leaves you without food AND without a way to pay for food, if you don't have cash on hand.)
  • Efforts to mitigate (prevent) one disaster may also thwart other impending difficulties. Plan to stop the far-reaching effects of a disaster early.
  • Preparedness can address more than just life safety.  Your peace of mind and emotional health need  protection as well.  Imagine a priority order to what you will protect in your life and plan for those priorities.
  • At our house, the family evacuation plan includes taking a small chest (located near the front door) that contains our family's most precious possessions, heirlooms and irreplaceable photographs. 
Preparing your family today with a disaster kit and an emergency plan and practicing that plan may save your life and your favorite crystal vase.


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