Make Your Own Basic First Aid Kit

Sure you can run to the store and grab a boxed first aid kit.  Go for it!  But with four young kids I'll use every last bandage on the first outing. I decided this summer to put together my own kit for the car that could last through a busy, fun-filled week and will suit our needs better.  I also found it's easier to restock using standard sized packages. (And my kids prefer pirate or princess bandages, anyway!)

Start with a plastic bin.  You might buy the supplies first and pick a bin that holds it all.  Or you might want to decide where and how you want to use it and pick a container that fits the space you have (Closet? Easy! Under the car seat? A little trickier...) Whatever you pick, make sure the lid fits snugly to keep supplies in and moisture and critters out.

Now think of your own experiences and most common medical "emergencies."  Our likely issues include bug bites, scrapes and bumps, and eye irritants (dust).  Here's what I started my kit with:

Insect repellant
Antibacterial wipes and gel
A bar of mild soap
Antibiotic ointment
A BIG box of multi-sized bandages
Hydrocortizone cream
A few large sterile bandages and tape
An instant ice pack
Saline Solution (for eyes)

You can also keep common medications at hand as well.  A few over the counter items you might consider are: Tylenol, ibuprofen, Benedryl, and antacid tablets.  If you plan to keep medications in the bin, be certain it's stored in a child safe fashion and that medications are in the original labeled containers. Consider what child dosages you might need, as well.  Remember that many medications are sensitive to heat, cold and moisture.  And don't forget to track expiration dates.

Now print out a first aid guide to include, and you are ready to get on with the fun!

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