An Extra Set of Keys... Convenience or Lifesaver?

You're late leaving for work, you have a meeting at 9:00, and you can't find your keys. Suddenly, you remember that your daughter took the car last night, and she's at school now...
The neighbor's house is burning. As you stand across the street watching, a fireman asks you to move your husband's truck to allow emergency vehicles more access. You husband went out of town on a business trip and probably took his keys...
Want to avoid scenarios like these? Grab your keys right now and head to the hardware store. Your preparedness plan needs an extra set of keys in the house just in case.
  • Copy every key that you ever need and use. Remember to include all house doors, every car, closets and cabinets, chests, garage doors, lawn mowers, recreational vehicles, and grandma's house and car. Test and label them right away.
  • Now pick an obvious keyring. (Remember those giant, gaudy key rings from gas stations and hall passes?) When you're finished with this project you'll want this key ring to impede casual use.
  • Designate where these keys will live. Remember that this plan is only beneficial if the key ring stays where it belongs. Whether it hangs by the door or is packed in an emergency kit, this ring may provide personal or property safety in an emergency. Don't let it get overused or misplaced. Like a flashlight and batteries, you need it to be there when the unexpected need arises.
  • You may also consider having another set of keys made to store out of the house... maybe with a neighbor, a friend, or relative. You may keep them next door, across town, or out of town.
  • Business owners might consider this same strategy for the office, warehouses, and company vehicles.
  • Much planning and preparation can be done in half an hour and with $20 or less. Completing a single task each week will built a fortress of preparedness. Pre-planned actions like these are often invaluable and irreplaceable in the midst of an emergency of any size and significance. Take the time today to prepare for the best.

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  1. My dad is a locksmith. He says that many of his customers would never have needed his services if they would have taken the time to have a spare set of keys made.