Functional Friday: 10 Things You Should Know

School House Rock taught me at an early age that, "Knowledge is Power!"  (Apparently the phrase was coined in latin (Scientia potentia est.), and is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon.)  Anyway... I believe that planning for the best often involves more knowledge than elaborate stockpiles.  Here are a few things that I think everyone old enough to be home alone should know.

1) Know how to administer first aid.
2) Know the signs of a heart attack, how to do CPR and how to use a defibrillator (AED).
3) Know how to build a fire (without a bottle of lighter fluid and maybe without matches) and cook on it.
4) Know how to make a cell phone call, send a text, and send an email.
5) Know how to use a car jack and change your car tire.
6) Know how to make/use a siphon (for water, gasoline, etc.)
7) Know how to turn off your utilities (natural gas, propane, water, electric, etc.)
8) Where and how to transport your pets in an evacuation.
9) Where your family plans to meet in, out of, and away from your house during and after an emergency.
10) Know your out of state contact name, address, phone numbers, and email 'by heart'.

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