You Can Protect What You Already Have

After a week of travel over the holidays, I returned to a house with mice.  I’d left a loaf of bread on some open pantry shelves in our kitchen and they helped themselves.  We’ve caught three so far, but we’re still being diligent about looking for the “evidence” that they leave behind and spraying our house with a bleach solution to kill bacteria just in case.

As we talk about preparing - buying up food, building our skills, etc.  It hit me that protecting what we already have is just as important as acquiring new.  For us, it was a loaf of bread, but it could’ve been anything in a box.  And taking a step back, it could be anything in our lives – our jobs, health, families.

I’m not much of one to start and keep a New Year’s Resolution, but as we start a new year with our calendars are cleared after the busy-ness of the holidays, take some time to think about ways you can protect what you already have:

Establishing Life Insurance
Building your Savings
Opting for Disability coverage
Staying current and relevant in your career
Updating Home-owner’s and auto insurance
Maintaining a safe, good running vehicle
Working on Retirement plans and savings
Scheduling that Doctor or Dentist Appointment
Exercising regularly (20 minutes three times a week)
Eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables
Cutting out unhealthy habits
Practicing Stress-Relief Techniques

Here’s to a healthy, happy and prepared New Year!

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