Remembering Haiti: One year ago today

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At our house, we sponsor John, a Haitian child living in poverty.  Each month our small check ensures that John has the clothing, medical care, and tuition money he needs to grow up healthy and strong.  He is the same age as one of my sons, so they write to one another.

For us, Haiti was personal.  We worried (for weeks) and John, his situation, and his family.  Finally word came that he was safe and his home was still stable.  But I cannot image what he and his family went through... aftershocks, chaos, lack of food and water, roads closed, communication down, and sickness everywhere.

It's true that most major metropolitan areas (at least in the US) would fare much better that Port-au-Prince.  Our building codes and earthquake mitigation reduce our risk.  A stronger infrastructure and stable economy would assist our recovery.  But preparedness starts at home.  That's what this blog is about - equipping you with the knowledge of disasters and preparedness to meet the unthinkable head on.

At our house, we are remembering Haiti today.  We are still praying for that nation's recovery, and for little John.

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