101 Uses for a Hoodie

Hooded sweatshirts - a great piece of gear
for urban & wilderness survival situations.
The teen crowd is onto something in their obsession with hooded sweatshirts. As the weather starts to turn cooler for most parts of the country, a zip-up, hooded sweatshirt with “hand-warmer” pockets for each member of your family is an extremely versatile, must-have item in your car (and at the office). Although every home/work/car emergency kit should include a blanket. A hooded sweatshirt is often a practical addition and/or substitution, especially if you are using mylar emergency blankets.  A sweatshirt is form-fitting, allowing movement and heat conservation. It may also become the most used piece of "emergency gear" in your car.

Here are a few of the 101 other reasons why you need a hoodie in your car:

It’s a little cooler than expected at the Friday night football game.
Cherry pie down a white sweater.
An ice-cold beverage spill that won’t dry in the cool weather.
You forgot a pillow for that car-ride nap.
Spilled soda on the very absorbent seat of the car.
Someone in the car refuses to turn on the heat.
That fall hayride is cold on unprotected ears.
Instant baby blanket.
Impromptu pine cone collecting basket.
No paper towels in the restroom.
The bench seat at the ballgame is hard and uncomfortable.
A stretchy knit will fit a range of people.
Or rolled up sleeves can make a “hoodie dress” on a little one.
Add a rain poncho for an insulated rain jacket.
Add chemical hand-warmers to the pockets in case you forget your gloves, too.
Giant first-aid bandage.

Can’t afford to outfit the entire family in name-brand, super performance-gear hoodies just to stash in the car? It’s ok, the less expensive it is, the more abuse you’ll be willing to give it, making it even more versatile.

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