One Day Without Shoes

On Tuesday, April 10, join others worldwide for One Day Without Shoes, an event that promotes awareness that millions of children worldwide risk injury and disease because they don't have even one pair of shoes to protect their feet.  Most of us enjoy blessings that keep more than one pair (...more than five? ... more than ten?) of shoes in a pile by our front door, in our closets, under our beds.  And you and I also have the means to bless others with our time, energy and finances.

The Facts:
  • Some children are not allowed to attend school because shoes are required and they do not own a pair.
  • Every day, other children walk miles to school or to carry water in bare feet, risking injury.
  • Several types of parasites enter the body through the feet, including hookworms and certain fleas. Some of these parasites can actually cause cognitive impairment.
  • One disfiguring foot and leg disease, called Podoconiosis, is completely treatable and preventable by wearing shoes.
The solution:
  • Join Us on April 10 for One Day Without Shoes to bring awareness to this worldwide problem.
  • Donate to organizations that provide shoes (and other needs) for children.  (Toms, the company that sponsors this event, highlights organizations they work with here on their blog.)
  • Prepare your emergency kit and/or go-bag includes a pair of shoes to keep your feet safe and sound in case a disaster catches you barefoot.

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